11 things I do, which keep me a decade younger

Spoiler, they are not sleeping, exercising, or meditation, which are vital but will be not on this list. 1. Every day I take these capsules filled with beneficial ingredients like herbs, probiotics, and biotin, to contribute to my wellness. 2. For a healthy routine, consume my signature drink known as the Mean Green Shake, which […]

Beyond fear

Beyond fear is what we were looking for so eagerly. – On the side of fear is lack and scarcity. On the side of fear is segmentation and separation. On the side of fear is destructiveness and violence. – On the other side of fear is abundance. On the other side of fear is unity. […]

Giving life to Life.

My revelations during my first one-week retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Cancun. What you are looking for is looking for you too. – The Mystic If someone had tried to tell me what I would experience at Dr. Joe’s retreat, I would have thought they were nuts. In fact, when I arrived at the […]

My top 10 recommendations to grow mind, body, and soul

As a career and life coach (although I prefer the terms “personal growth coach”), I have been dedicating myself to personal growth since 2018. Some of you may still be aware that 2018 brought major challenges into my life, which were followed by a difficult relationship issue in 2019. However, only due to the intensity […]

My mystic experience while connecting to the Quantum Field

To fully participate in Dr. Joe’s week-long retreat in Cancun, I’ve been taking his online courses and practicing his signature meditation technique. This involves entering the quantum field and visualizing the experiences that I want to draw to myself. I am all set and eager to make the most of this transformative retreat, so I […]

Dare to be bold?

And it happened again. I conversed with this nice guy, on a date to be precise, and he just blurted out, “You’re quite bold.” At first, I was like, “Oh cool, thanks!” But then I noticed a look in his eyes that was kind of like – if I didn’t know better – fear. Not […]

Why most New Years resolutions fail

Here we go again. Every year the same. It’s not even the end of January, however, sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is like an old piece of chewing gum stuck to your shoe…

From driven by competition to driven by the satisfaction of growth

Why we are so trained to compete, instead to inspire, cheerlead and motivate ourselves, together with others, towards achievements?  That thought was carrying me a bit away this June.  Sometimes people can trigger very helpful — yet surprising — chains of thoughts in us. By that, they can trigger unknown insights into one’s past, but […]


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