From driven by competition to driven by the satisfaction of growth

Why we are so trained to compete, instead to inspire, cheerlead and motivate ourselves, together with others, towards achievements?  That thought was carrying me a bit away this June.  Sometimes people can trigger very helpful — yet surprising — chains of thoughts in us. By that, they can trigger unknown insights into one’s past, but […]

Want to become a freelance consultant ?

Prepare yourself well and take a leap of faith.  1. What are the up and downsides of freelancing? My favorite upside which comes with this working model is the freedom of choice. Which project I choose, where I work, with whom I collaborate, when I put the time in and when I do other things, […]

Emigrating from Germany: Bold, or just crazy?

Have you ever just decided to pack all your stuff, leave your home county without a return date or a fixed contract of employment that would comfortably pad your wallet? Me neither, until some weeks ago.  Guys, I have just pushed myself a bit far with my latest move. At least, for the first 6 […]