My top 10 recommendations to grow mind, body, and soul

As a career and life coach (although I prefer the terms “personal growth coach”), I have been dedicating myself to personal growth since 2018. Some of you may still be aware that 2018 brought major challenges into my life, which were followed by a difficult relationship issue in 2019. However, only due to the intensity of these experiences, they were the catalysts I needed to kick off my personal transformation journey brightly. Since then, I have been exploring new topics and experimenting with everything I have found along the way.

Here are my top 10 recommendations to try at least once.

1. Hypnotherapy, hypnosis/NLP, and quantum healing have all been beneficial to me. I have undergone a total of six hypnotherapy sessions, and they have helped me break through deep-seated trauma response mechanisms, which created subconscious blockages. I still use hypnotherapy occasionally, especially when I need to release my emotional eating blockages.

2. Adding herbs to my daily health routine: I have always been a big fan of collagen, but I never really got into herbs. However, the pandemic has affected me and prompted me to seek better immunity. I’ve long remained hesitant to rely solely upon pharmaceutical corporations as their thirst for profit is evident. Since then, I have been adding daily boswellia, turmeric, binger, cinnamon, and vitamin D 10,000 IU when I feel weak to my diet. My go-to doctor is Dr. Mandell, probably one of the most honest and best doctors in the world.

3. Tapping: I love tapping because it’s simple, easy, and scientifically proven to work. Yes, tons of studies show tapping on certain areas of your body can calm it down. It’s like petting your dog; it also calms them down. Whenever negative emotions surface, I try to pinpoint their specifics and quickly turn to my trusted teacher, Brad Yates, and his YouTube channel. His teachings on tapping serve as both relief and guidance during these moments. Thank God for his efforts, which he has been doing for more than a decade now. (For tapping for money, I also use Jake Ducy, but only this video from him.)

4. Weight Training: I was able to successfully build my muscles in 2021 and 2022, and some of you may still recall my bodybuilding journey during that time. As a fortunate individual who can easily pack on muscle, I derived motivation from these experiences at one of my go-to hotels, the Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, whose trainer, and bodybuilder Ahmed inspired me greatly that I can do more than I thought. Although I no longer participate in strenuous weightlifting, I have continued to lift moderate weights to benefit my overall health. This exercise routine greatly enhances my cardiovascular workouts. And no ladies, if we use light weights, it does not make us bulky; one needs to train far harder to get there. I recommend two tracks: workout music based on 432Hz and muscle growth subliminal.

5. Meditation: Meditation has been a part of my life since 2016. However, when I first started meditating, it was for a rather odd reason: to fall asleep. Fresh into consulting, anxiety loomed over me like a dark cloud. Thoughts of feeling like I did not belong weighed heavily on my mind. My project supervisor’s biting remarks worsened this unease, further intensifying my nerves. After I settled into my new role and started doing well, I stopped meditating completely. Although I had set meditation aside, I resumed the practice five years ago and it has transformed my life. The benefits are many -peacefulness, soundness of mind and vigor are chief among them, but meditation also gives me a sense of control and empowerment, which I hadn’t felt before. My five favorite tracks are All 9 Solfeggio frequencies, in particular 528Hz DNA healing, 432Hz body healing, love healing, but also Parasite killing 1150Hz, and Cancer healing audio. Moreover, meditations for health & wealth increase with Dr. Joe Dispenza or frequencies for beauty increase are just awesome.

6. Reiki Healing: In 2022, I participated in a Reiki Healing Level 1 training held here in Dubai. The course was led by a warm Indian instructor, and I found the techniques and energy transfer to be very accessible. In the past, I recall two occasions I sensed healing energy; the first years ago in Munich, when I attempted it in a personal healing session, but even though I sensed something, I wasn’t as easily convinced of its authenticity. The second was when I was sending healing energy to my mother while she was hospitalized. It seems I have inadvertently healed someone before consciously doing so. I learned from my 2022 training that it’s undeniably true. Recall Nikola Tesla’s famous words: comprehending frequency, vibration, and energy is key to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Indeed, with just a little exploration and observation, one can come to understand that it’s all there is – right here, right now.

7. Subliminal: In my opinion, Subliminals are a much better choice than affirmations (except for that one here), because affirmations have never worked for me. It’s like trying to convince a cat to swim. No matter the effort, it won’t happen. Just because I repeat strange phrases hoping my subconscious will hear me and act on it, doesn’t mean it will listen nor obey. Subliminals pick up where affirmations fall short by their ability to slip past my consciousness undetected. As such, I can’t dismiss them as an impostor like my forthright inner voice would. Among my favorite sources of Subliminals is Lisa Alexandra.

8. Retreats: This is a brand-new experience for me, as it happens to be my very first encounter with an elevator, only in February 2024. I tend to favor a solitary approach when it comes to acquiring knowledge. I prefer to set my tempo, usually at a heightened rhythm relative to the crowd. Don’t think that I am arrogant or feel judged by me. That is not the case. Fortunately, I have a fast brain, thanks god. Nonetheless, during my attendance at the retreat hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza in Cancun, I was able to experience the enormity of unity firsthand. Experiencing the combined power of a large group who share in transformation, shifting, and being in communion with divinity is genuinely exhilarating and enlivening. It’s like a supercharger or booster – a bit like a C4 pre-workout drink.

9. Reading Romances: Now, all will scream, “What a scam is she selling us here?” Hold on, my dears, it’s not. To improve my writing skills, I dedicated the past year to devouring 120 romance novels, because it’s said that great authors are great readers first. So, I became a reader-maniac. Luckily, my reading marathon not only improved my writing skills but also provided me with the opportunity to mature. Navigating the chaotic relationships depicted in those novels, I gained insight through experiencing their hardships, traumas, and sufferings but also happiness and joy along the way. Through reflection on these scenes, I grew. Through conscious reading, I am certain that I have enhanced my abilities as a partner, as a friend, and as a human. The key lessons that truly stood out to me were centered around focusing on improving oneself and up leveling one’s communication skills. My two favorite romance series are from Karen Marie Morning and her Fever Novels (her writing style is captivating, although the main couple is toxic) and Lysay Sands and her Argeneau Series (her style is easy, but I love her message “overcome your fears and the relationship will work out”; I can recommend novel 14 which kept me laughing hard through the entire book).

10. Crystals: Since I was young, stones have fascinated me. I had a habit of gathering various stones and all sorts of rocks that caught my eye. Keeping this growing collection in my room drew strange looks from my parents. To them, it looked like a big heap of colorful mess. Once I began my university studies, I found myself intrigued by crystals once more. As a math student, I was fortunate enough to share facilities with geologists and was pleased to discover a crystal collection housed in our academic building. I loved to watch the crystals grow over the years. For a full decade after finishing university, I didn’t have any relationship with stones or crystals. However, that changed when I began seeking personal protection as I had some nasty nightmares following me around. I couldn’t sleep. So, I did what one must do: I got a Glock, G19X Compact, 9 mm Luger. Well, almost. I did a shooting training, but I am not allowed to own a weapon here in Dubai. Instead, I became the owner of a small army of protection stones. They also do the job, along with healing stones and others which supposedly improve psychic gifts. In my opinion, crystals are beneficial not just because they have been deemed by Nikola Tesla as the most vibrational object on earth, but I also feel better since then. However, I wouldn’t mind getting a NOC for my Glock from the German Consulate…

10+. Biokinesis audios/binaural beats: This piece of advice is best saved until the end, as it may only appeal to a select few, so it doesn’t count towards the top 10 pieces of advice – and it’s one of my newer endeavors. It could necessitate a greater amount of perseverance and faith, but it has the potential to be pleasurable. The influence of biokinesis audios on the physical body is comparable to that of Subliminals, meditations, or hypnoses. However, in my view, they possess unique qualities. I’ve tried audios that supposedly alter eye color, boost height growth, and decrease hormones that cause fat storage. The effectiveness of the audio I used so far are somewhat limited (for eye color shift, it worked a bit so far; for height increase, not much yet), likely because either I need to proceed further, or the audio is inadequate.

There are infinite activities to experiment with; all sorts of wild and exciting possibilities you may consider but hold back from experiencing (like shamanic drums, telepathic messaging, lucid dreaming, telekinesis, or even the deep conspiracy theories about humans).

Doesn’t matter what, I urge you to add something fresh to your routine whenever possible. It’s not only an avenue to break from tedious habits, nor merely the act of pushing boundaries to leave your comfort zone, but a way to engage in the fulfilling delight of novelty. Perhaps, an example of such unconventional activities may include engaging in rituals: Have you ever tried a full moon ritual, a protection spell, or a money witch spell?

No, not interested. Well, how about checking out my most favourite comedian Dara o Briain who will always make you laugh?

No matter what, enjoy experimenting.


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