My mystic experience while connecting to the Quantum Field

To fully participate in Dr. Joe’s week-long retreat in Cancun, I’ve been taking his online courses and practicing his signature meditation technique. This involves entering the quantum field and visualizing the experiences that I want to draw to myself. I am all set and eager to make the most of this transformative retreat, so I engaged in meditation like a master. The interesting thing about Dr. Joe’s approach is that he says you can only enter the quantum field if you become no one, nobody in no time & no space. Hence, less matter and more energy, fewer particles, and more waves. This piqued my interest as I watched some quantum science experiments, and it was shown that putting the focus on particles makes them collapse into particles, while when not observing the particles shooting at the black background, scientists could observe later instead of spotting a wave. The experiment shows that by focusing on something, we force it to collapse from energy to matter.

So, less focus on oneself, and more focus on the outer realm and the energy and consciousness of the quantum field, should make me less matter and more energy.

My excitement rose as I found it to be intriguing. Surprisingly, it didn’t require a hundred meditations for me to attain a mystifying experience. In fact, only four were needed to obtain a greatly reflective and insightful moment. The three previous sessions may have roused my emotions, yet this one seemed rather mystical. Dr. Joe labels it the connection to consciousness, a sentiment that feels both known and strange to him (“the most known unknown feeling”).

So, I sat down for my fourth meditation in Dr. Joe’s intensive course training. After experiencing positive results from the past three meditation sessions using the same technique, I felt excited to try a new one to attract what I desire. Thus, I skipped ahead on the model’s timeline to access the meditation collection. I know… well, I’m impatient even though my name suggests differently.

At that time, I was still planting seeds in my subconscious to alter my eye color, so I had a good reason to keep going. With that outlook, I sat super-eager into sensing space, which is quite tough to keep one’s attention on sensing and not one’s daily problems. However, this meditation was different from the other two I’ve done so far. It was focusing on the heart center. Despite a strong desire to materialize some awesome things, I had no choice but to do whatever presented itself.

Halfway through my meditation, a mystical being encouraged me to dive through a mirror-like surface. I found myself in unknown woods where I saw an enraged mama bear and a frightened man who accidentally crossed her path. (This was suggested by the meditation, but I have always had an extremely creative mind.) Unfortunately for the man, the bear was angry because it was protecting her cubs.

Without thinking, I activated love within myself and radiated it outward, trying to calm down the mama bear. Suddenly, I found myself in this all-encompassing state of being, love. All I wanted was to give and give and give. I’m not kidding you. There was no space for wanting anything because I was so full of love that it kind of burst out of my chest. I somehow felt connected to the agitated bear and I directed all this love from my chest towards the bear. It “saw” my intentions and calmed down. I left the man alone astonished, and I left the scene.

And this encounter, vision, or whatever you name it made one thing clear to me; absolutely clear: We are all connected. I hear the word “Ether” (yes, I thought that exact word). It’s the glue among all. It’s also kind of the language all understand. I was kind of told that I also have a connection to birds – I felt it. I learned that all of nature already understands this concept of connectivity but some entities, like we humans, don’t feel it anymore. I also knew that everyone who feels it cannot ever be evil. It wouldn’t work because only good things can come from love, this feeling of giving.

When I came back through my mirror-like surface, I was shocked. Oh boy, was I shocked, but also excited and grateful. This was by far the most mysterious encounter I’ve ever had. I felt connected to Source – an intense feeling of true love that permeated my entire being. Although it was brief, it was just crazy awesome. Then it struck me hard as I realized I’d never experienced true love before. Maybe very few people have.

Ever since then, I’ve had a clearer understanding of Dr. Joe: It’s truly the most common, uncommon feeling one can have. It feels like that because I needn’t name the feeling to know what it was. When it comes to emotions like envy, avarice, elation, or fervor, we generally go through a standard routine of detecting a bodily sensation followed by a subjective interpretation, in which we determine the name of the feeling or emotion. Experiencing this feeling is very distinct from the above as it doesn’t require interpretation, but rather presents itself as a familiar feeling, a kind of instinct. I believe that the sensation of peace is the most comparable to feeling this divine love. It is more a state of being than a feeling.

Based on my mystical experience, I have created a new definition for love: Love is described for me as the state of encompassing connectedness, unity, and oneness. In my perception, love precisely encompasses that, rather than the superfluous notions that society bombards us with and the mold it attempts to impose on our thoughts.

If you now think I was on some psychedelics or other mind-altering drugs, nope, I must disappoint you. I haven’t touched a glass of wine in months. This was the exact opposite. It was a calm meditation, becoming nothing and no one and hence entering the Quantum Field – the Consciousness that connects us all. The Ether, which glues us and provides us with a loving embrace.

The only words I found after my meditation, was something like a rampage of “Freaking awesome. Oh, Jesus. What a miracle. That’s the real shit!”

After that, I also understood a few things, which Dr. Joe tells us continuously, better:

– It IS the most unfamiliar, familiar feeling I’ve ever experienced.

– I had to take the focus off myself. If not, I would be stuck with my limitations and needs. I would have never been able to pass through that mirror-like surface and just help the bear and the man.

– The true definition of love is a state of being of being.

I’ve heard that it’s not that easy to reproduce a mystical experience, especially not with every meditation I do. But hell yeah, would I be stupid if I didn’t try? It felt so satisfying, unified, and helpful to others for that long moment, and it was enough that the only thing I wanted to do was to give.

I can tell you, it’s far better than falling in love because when one falls in love, one wants the reciprocity of getting love, attention, etc. from the other person. This is different. I did not expect nor even want anything back from either the bear or the man because I was already “full”. I thought I was going to burst – in a good way – in a second if I didn’t give something out now. The closest feeling to that “bursting feeling” I have ever experienced is that of being super-excited. It’s like a kid when one gets their first puppy. However, it’s kind of the inversion of this excitement feeling. Instead of wanting something – coming from the outside to you – one wants to give to the outside – coming from the inside. It’s super cool. The real shit, I tell ya!

I can only recommend trying it out. As said, it won’t take years or require becoming a monk to get there. Just a bit of focus, dedication, and openness to try something new.

I don’t think one can convince someone to do it as words are lacking to describe the experience. Is it beautiful? I don’t think that describes it well. Is it magical? Yes and no, but it’s definitely mystical. Is it unforgettable? 100%. Is it something I want to experience again? Hell yes! And I promise myself to make space in my life to experience it again.

I’m sure some people can relate, especially, and probably only those who have already experienced the connection to Source: true love.


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