Giving life to Life.

My revelations during my first one-week retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Cancun.

What you are looking for is looking for you too. – The Mystic

If someone had tried to tell me what I would experience at Dr. Joe’s retreat, I would have thought they were nuts. In fact, when I arrived at the retreat, I encountered two attendees who had been attending his retreats multiple times before and were eager to attend for the fourth and sixth time, respectively. I felt that was a bit over the top. Well, honestly, I thought they were nuts.

After reading this story, you may think I turned nuts, too.

That’s alright. We can all learn to be less judgmental and more open to the new and unknown. 😉

Basically, I was already considered crazy before I went there, or at least that’s what people thought. So, it’s no shame to tell you that I intend to attend the Cancun Retreat, which is scheduled for December 2024. It will be even better, as it will be a 10-day event. Just thinking of it fills me with eagerness and excitement, and I am eager to bring my family with me. This may appear as a wishy-washy storytelling turnaround story, but I must confess my experience at the retreat was anything but that. It was nothing short of magical. And quite frankly, I find myself longing for more of this magic…

If you’ve reached this point, you’re either super curious to find out what I experienced, or you are looking for the final evidence that Sabrina lost it all. Be assured, I won’t request you to have blind faith in the things I inform you about without first-hand knowledge. But as someone who has relied on my expertise and discernment until now, I invite you to approach my experiences and discoveries with a curious and receptive demeanor; daring enough that you may even consider trying it out yourself.

Day -3: Journeying from Dubai to Cancun was a day-long trip that lasted around 24 hours. When I share this fact with others, they often remark on my motives and mental state for traveling such a great distance for “a retreat.” Although uncertain at first, my own belief in the healing power of Dr. Joe’s meditations strengthened because of my mother’s previous and positive experience with them. Hoping to seek out like-minded individuals devoted to their physical and psychological health, I convinced myself quite easily that individuals who travel from various countries around the world to Cancun to prioritize their well-being must be a kind and compassionate crowd. Experiencing a lack of community in Dubai, I decided to attend because who knows what lies ahead? Maybe this community would be my soul tribe.

As an ENTJ, I, of course, did set some goals for the retreat, but they were simple and leisurely: connect with friendly individuals, have fun, and manifest blue eyes.

No, I don’t have blue eyes – but not just yet.

Day -1: During my attempts to hustle some table reservations, I crossed paths with a pair of delightful women from Mexico. Although I ultimately didn’t end up using the reservation spots I booked, the encounter led to a great friendship with my soul sisters (great synchronicity). However, this was also the particular day when I encountered the quirky duo who expressed their compulsive fondness towards Dr. Joe’s retreats. They proudly confessed that there are fellow attendees who have gone to as many as ten blissful retreats. Frankly speaking, I was somewhat taken aback by the intense fervor or perhaps loyalty to the proceedings. However, my logical mind simply dismissed it with a nonchalant, nonjudgmental “whatever”.

Day 1: I couldn’t wait for the program to begin that evening, so I spent the day soaking up the sun by the pool and sipping delicious Carajillos cocktails with my Mexican friends, which kept me in high spirits all day long. However, my initial observation of Dr. Joe’s withholding of the schedule put me on edge. Soon enough, I let go of my planner wisdom in favor of spontaneously making it, hoping for the best. By the third day, I felt very comfortable with surrendering and was reaping the rewards of enjoying the present moment as well as trusting in the unknown. Sometimes, let it be harvest’s “yes” – just enough. (LOL, truthfully, being an ENTJ and uttering these words feels quite extraordinary in itself

Day 2: The program begins early, and the education provided is profound. Numerous students are scientific-minded and value the rigorous research findings, scientific approach, and dedicated documentation of results by Dr. Joe. I incline (a lot of) mystical concepts, but I firmly believe science to be fundamental in altering my own as well as my mentees’ journeys. Therefore, when Dr. Joe reinforces that knowledge constructs the footing for transformation in people, I am in complete conformity.

During the initial meditation at the event, I experienced my first “moment,” which confused the heck out of me. Towards the end of the meditation, I started to feel an indescribable tingle in every part of my back, like the sensation of shaking awake a sleeping limb. Initially, I thought the increased energy in my body came from the pals next to me, but upon reflection the next day, I realized the source was within me. It finally dawned on me that my longstanding back pain was gone. In the moment when I comprehended it, I felt a heady rush of exhilaration flooding through me, leaving me momentarily disoriented but most certainly ecstatic and liberated: I just healed my back pain. I felt very satisfied, and the outcome of this single mediation already made the entire investment worthwhile. Instead of squandering the moment, I directed the exhilaration to focus on “what’s next.” And I was not disappointed; in fact, I was delightfully surprised.

The days that ensued flew by like a haze of energy, thanks to my newfound passion for meditations. I also remember feeling incredibly hungry, a rarity for me who typically consumes only two daily meals with little exposure to a tiny calorie intake of 800-1000 per day. However, while attending the event, I found myself frequently eating five times a day or more and stuffing higher volumes than usual into me. That intake spike leveled off by the tail-end of the week, and gradually, my meals returned to the same routine as before, but I was surprised to find out that working with energy impacts my calorie needs so much. As of now, I have a protein bar in my bag just in case someone needs a spontaneous healing session and there is no food in sight.

Throughout the week, we probably spent more than 25 hours meditating. I felt great after each of them, but “Body Electric” strikes a special chord with me. It’s my personal favorite, not only because it’s a lying-down meditation, but also because I absorb a significantly higher amount of energy during this type of meditation. I realized that meditations that incorporate breathwork work best for me – and Body Eclectic has plenty of them in it. Every time I do the meditation, I have an electrifying sensation throughout my entire body. It’s not just fancy, but actually, it’s quite hot.

Not only did we engage in activities that gave us an energy boost, but we were also exposed to a variety of informative nuggets, success stories that motivated us, and astounding scientific findings. I experienced a great deal of surprise upon discovering the healing success rate, brain activity measuring 250 times outside the typical range of gamma waves, and huge amounts of energy levels exceeding the predicted amount in the room over a seven-day interval. Dr. Joe and his team presented us with so many interesting and startling facts that this space is not enough to include them all. However, if you’re interested, Dr. Joe just published his first movie, “Source: It’s Within You.”

The experience that impacted me the most as an individual in my heart space was the “healing sessions.” During this practice, 2,000 individuals congregated in an attempt to heal others. In my entire existence, I have never experienced moments like that. I felt elated, felt so much love like never before, and realized how powerful we are. It felt so pure. An occasion where unity, warmth, kindness, and love came together in perfect symbiosis. Healing others (“giving life to life”) touched me so profoundly that I think I felt as if I had a glimmer of comprehension into Jesus’ state when alleviating another’s suffering. It was pure inspiration, and yet it is so much more. I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of unity and compassion, which humbled me greatly. I cried a lot, and it felt amazing to give strength to another’s life. It allowed me to feel the interconnectivity among us, and it revealed to me the extent of our true strength.

I’ve come to realize that our capacity to give life is greater than my initial perception. We can give life to life; love a being into health.

Can you imagine how it would make you feel to heal your mom, dad, and siblings?

With that newfound superpower and the feeling of revelation, strength, and clarity, I immediately put my new skills into practice and supported my mom’s healing journey. Experiencing the impact of restorative energy through her senses, she became an entirely refreshed individual, metamorphosing both physically and emotionally over just two weeks. And not only her but also everyone who saw or participated in her healing, can sense the profound changes in her.

This fresh outlook inspires me greatly and fills me with gratitude. Above all, it has ignited a newfound spark for life, both in receiving and giving. The feeling of wielding such a power is simply magical. I am content and fulfilled by the immense emotional reward of giving life to life (healing).

Besides healing my back pain, I feel incredibly blessed to have opened my heart far beyond my understanding. It’s hard to describe, but as a logical person, feelings are always a kind of fuzzy topic. And particularly, as an ENTJ, well, we are more like frozen rocks who box away emotions with logical reasoning. Now, it’s so different in my heart space that I actually needed to form my new identity around it. I am truly transformed, and I can just recommend everyone who is functioning solely on logic or boxing away emotions start working on their heart space.

Dr. Joe’s methods not only opened my heart, but they also brought my brain and heart into more sync – they feel aligned. Hence, I am more compassionate, loving, and kind in all of my reasoning, and therefore in my actions. I feel more love for life.

Fortuitously, I am not weathering this transformation in my identity all by myself. I am offered the most heartwarming practice one can imagine, which enriches my life – and heart – beyond words: My Energetic Match – the love of my life. And I have found him in an environment of the highest vibration and utmost unity.

My article comes just four weeks after the event, yet the depth of personal development I am encountering is boundless in extent. I’m shocked and amazed at once. It seems like I am shifting timelines daily. I could never have imagined the depth of joy, love, compassion, and caring that I am experiencing now with him, nor the compassionate and rapid personal growth of both of us. I always wanted a growth tandem partner. I’ve surely got him.

It’s pure bliss, yet calm and peaceful. I don’t need to question anything because energy does not lie. I just knew it, and I still know it – and luckily, 3D is catching up with the information I’ve received from the Quantum Field and our energetic fields.

The extent of our incredible journey cannot be expressed fully within the constraints of this space. Together, my partner and I have decided to pen “Quantum Love,” which will provide greater detail to readers seeking to comprehend this remarkable energic phenomenon. We will certainly inform you once our book is about to be released.

In case you’re feeling inclined, I confidently assure you, with not an ounce of hesitation, that attending a retreat led by Dr. Joe would exceed your expectations with guaranteed satisfaction. Personally, my goal is to have my entire close family join me at the next one. As you likely know, I’ve spent the last six years enthusiastically experimenting with (well, maybe even obsessively indulging) various personal growth techniques. Still, this particular toolkit is, without question, at the forefront.

Embrace the chance to expand and unveil the depths of your being to yourself. Something remarkable looms ahead – the mystical experience awaits you.

See you in Cancun in December 2024!


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