Videokurs “Selbstverwirklichung ohne Umwege” (German)

This video course will empower you with tools and guidance you need to achieve greater success at work. It is an incredibly comprehensive resource for focused career advancement and builds upon the powerful insights from my book “The New Generation of Leadership Women.”





This recording consists of my live course on career growth and will teach you the four real levers for taking your career to the next level. It’s not working harder, it’s not doing the busy-lizzie-tasks, it’s not the extra mile of the extra mile – it’s the tools successful men and women apply naturally: High self-esteem, visibility, networking and CheerLeadership.

(3.5 hours of recording, including an accompanying slide deck for quick references, a practical PDF workbook to get you started, and a PDF with 20 FAQs, collected from over 100 participants in live training, German)



Are you dissatisfied with your career – and its glass ceiling? You feel like there could be so much more success for you in your job, but there isn’t? You are exhausted and you don’t feel like “fighting” anymore?

Then this course is just right for you.


Your benefits

  • A structured 3.5 hours filled with powerful tools, practical exercises, and loads of inspiration to formulate a mission, find the courage, and just do it!
  • Get to know the 4 key levers (self-confidence, visibility, networks, CheerLeadership) for professional success (it is certainly not only professional competence!) and how to master them.
  • Understand what self-efficacy is, how it differs between men and women (why men are always so courageous?) and how to boost your self-confidence so that you can now stand up for yourself and your topics.
  • Get to know my defined framework and, through my work with women, refined framework for defeating self-criticism.
  • Increase your visibility so that good opportunities come to you instead of having to fight for them. Discover the most important adjustments with my tips & tricks for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Get upgraded on the subject of networks and thereby create a “Supplier for business opportunities.”
  • Get to know the cornerstones of CheerLeadership and awaken the leadership woman in you
  • Remark: Not only will you be happier and more fulfilled, but you will also be more successful, because from now on you will be an inspiration for others – exactly what we want from a leader!

3.5 hours of recording, including accompanying slide deck for quick reference, a practical workbook to get started and 20 FAQs from over 100 workshop participants



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