eBook “The new generation of leadership women” (English)

This book will allow you to analyze, review and re-design your life holistically along four life structures in a pragmatic and hands-on way.




This book will allow you to analyze, review, and re-design your life holistically along four life structures (the worlds of thought, private life, education and work, and society). This is not an abstract, read-me-once book, but a far more pragmatic, hands-on guide to work through. Includes real-life examples and 17 interviews with successful people and experts of various professional backgrounds to inspire you.
(230 pages | in color | Language: English)

The subdivision of our lifes can be built as follows – life structures:
In the world of thoughts, we will deal in particular with conditioning, especially from your childhood. In the context of self-realization, we will address, among others, the topics of success definition and courage (or primal trust). Based on your values, we will build your personal brand and, not to be underestimated, your superpower of femininity, which is often held back, especially in very male-dominated environments.

Regarding your private life, we talk about the most important decisions in your life: Your choice of partner, and an empowering and endorsing circle of friends and role models.

In the world of education and work, we address the characteristics that a leadership woman should have and develop, such as a strong” and positive money mindset, ie, your attitude towards money, as well as emotional intelligence. In addition, we talk about the power of empowering, inspiring environments, so-called opportunity spaces.

In the social world, we will explore how strongly stereotypes impact our behavior and why it is necessary for women to show solidarity and for policymakers to do more for diversity and inclusion”.

What you will learn in my book:
• First and foremost, how to have a holistic view of your life, how to review and analyze it as well and how to create a todo-list what needs to change to move forward into a life of “having it all”
• Why we cannot separate professional success from life. And how you weave business & life to be happy & fulfilled (thinking in 4-worlds-system is key!).
• How to break out of your current system/environment strategically and charmingly and become successful, happy, and fulfilled in business and life more easily and simply.
• What makes a leadership woman and how you become one in a targeted manner (CheerLeadership System)
• What are the biggest hurdles holding you back today at work and in your private life to become a leadership woman and how you can avoid successfully them.
• What is the difference between the “avoidable” career skills and what are the really important skills to be successful – with concrete to-do’s, how you can start with them very pragmatically today.
• How do you start today to formulate your life vision (purpose) and your mission concretely in order to define your playing field in the Champions League instead of swimming with the average
• Why, starting today, we should only think in win-win situations , especially when it comes to management, leadership, and diversity & inclusion.
• Why we women (psychologically speaking) need female role models and why the new generation of male role models can look like this. Why we need more of them and why change won’t work without them.
• To support you best, all products contain specific hands-on material for a focused implementation: How to formulate your concrete next steps that will bring you forward to the place you want to be.

With interview insights and career tips from 16 leadership women and 5 leadership men, among others Antje Heimsoeth (Coach), Frederike Probert (female top management network), Judith Dada (Partner @ VC), Laura Lewandowski (Influencer), Lisa Fassl (female entrepreneur network), Christoph Behn (Partner VC), Rainer Goettmann (CEO IT consultancy), Sean von SoDenktEinMann.de (Dating Coach) and many more

• Over 50 practical and pragmatic tips and key insights on how to become a leadership woman – have your colored markers and side markers ready!
• Get over 230 pages of pure content and don’t wait any longer with the ToDo’s at the end of each chapter but get active yourself right away.
• And much more – above all inspiration & insights from my actual experiences 


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